1,000 Entrepreneurs Granted TBS Licences

Posted On: Aug, 15 2022
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A total of 1,000 small entrepreneurs in the country have been granted standards mark licenses from the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) over the past five years.

Speaking at the ongoing Nanenane central zone exhibition grounds in Dodoma, the Bureau’s Marketing Officer, Deborah Haule said that a total of 1,000 small entrepreneurs have been granted standards mark licenses.

She said that, TBS has granted 54 entrepreneurs in 2017/2018, 50 entrepreneurs in 2018/2019, 211 entrepreneurs in 2019/2020, 365 entrepreneurs in 2020/2021 and 320 entrepreneurs in 2021/2022 and that, these entrepreneurs are those who went through the Small Industries Service Organization (SIDO).

She said that the application to obtain the product quality mark is made by the applicant through the electronic system (i-SQMT) available on the TBS website.

"After the application is completed, the date of the initial inspection is arranged, also the manufacturer is required to be in production on the day of the initial inspection, and samples are taken to the TBS laboratories and tested to see if the product meets the requirements of the relevant standard” she said.

She further said that after the testing work is completed, a report is given to the applicant and if the applicant has passed the initial inspection and laboratory tests, they will be granted a licence to use tbs mark on their products.

Speaking about the costs related to the licenses, she said the Government allocates funds every year to serve small and medium entrepreneurs when they request for certification services. She also said that the entrepreneurs get this service for free, but on the fourth year they are required to pay 25% of the cost, on fifth year 50%, sixth year 75% and on the seventh year onwards they will pay 100%.

Speaking about the premise registration procedure, she said TBS registers buildings, areas related to food and cosmetics trade, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, warehouses and production areas.

On his part, the Business Development Officer from SIDO Dodoma, Chrispine Kapinga said that it is beneficial for small entrepreneurs to register with TBS because when the products are sent to the market, they have all the required characteristics and criteria.