TBS asks metal pipe producers to observe set quality standards

Posted On: Jun, 13 2024
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The Tanzania Bureau of Standard (TBS) has called upon producers of flat bars, square and round metal pipes to make products that meet standards to save the public from health and economic challenges.

TBS Director General Dr Athuman Ngenya made the call yesterday while opening a meeting for stakeholders in the subsector at the bureau’s offices in Dar es Salaam.

He said they will begin inspecting industries that produce such products to see if they abide by the rules put in place for production of quality products.

He said one of the requirements for production of quality products suitable for use is to indicate the name of the producer and its size.

"The information is important for buyers and users of the product as it enables them to give feedback to the producer as well as monitoring in case of any defects," he said.

He said the presence of important information on the product enables regulatory institutions to identify them, monitor and take appropriate action against producers found to be violating requirements of the law, rules and standards.

He explained that despite the efforts made by TBS to ensure that the products come with important information, some manufacturers do not abide by this.

He said TBS will not hesitate to take action in accordance with the law for anyone who produces flat bars, square pipes and round pipes contrary to the requirements.

Ibrahimu Haji from Alaf promised to produce products that meet the standards to avoid violating the law.
He said they will implement all instructions given by TBS so as to produce quality products