TBS issues 145 licences, certificates to manufacturers

Posted On: Nov, 21 2023
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Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has issued 145 certificates and licenses to manufacturers between June and November this year after their goods met the required criteria.
These include six certifications of quality standards of the management system and 13 licenses to producers whose had the TBS licenses but have added another product.
Additionally, 60 of the whole certificates were for Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs).
Speaking during the event held in Dar es Salaam on Friday, TBS’s Director of Quality Management Mr Lazaro Msasalaga hailed the entrepreneurs for meeting such important criteria to obtain quality marks that guarantee them access to regional and global markets.
“These certificates and licenses reflect the producer’s commitments since your products have met the required standards, so you’re required to continue producing quality products to gain more confidence from buyers, thus guaranteeing a reliable market,” said Mr Msasalaga.
He added that the certificates granted to the manufacturers highlight the great impact of the entrepreneurial career classes conducted by the Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) which paved the way for certification.
He further explained that the event slogan dubbed ‘Ubora, tambua uwezo wako wa ushindani’ is a reminder to producers to endeavor to produce quality products and be able to compete in markets.
“As the law instructs on the production of quality products for final users, you should also take it as a reminder towards the quality products which will ensure the customers trust in markets,” he added.
However, he further called upon producers who pretend to produce quality products for the certificate and later on continue to produce low-quality products that they should stop since they endanger the final user’s well-being.
The Bureau was established as part of the efforts by the government to strengthen the supporting institutional infrastructure for the industry and commerce sectors of the economy.
Specifically, TBS is mandated to undertake measures for quality control of products of all descriptions and to promote standardization in industry and commerce.