TBS Touts’ Entrepreneurs on Product Certification

Posted On: Nov, 10 2022
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Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has urged entrepreneurs to register and certify their products to participate actively in industrial production that will contribute to jobs creation.

The plea was made by TBS Marketing officer Deborah Haule in Bagamoyo District, Coast Region recently in an event where it met and addressed various challenges that entrepreneurs face in their area.

“I commend Bagamoyo District Commissioner, Ms. Zainabu Abdallah for Organising this event where through a one stop Centre, TBS managed to meet to meet and solve various challenges that entrepreneurs face in their business activities,” she said.

She said through the one stop centre, the Bagamoyo District authority managed to bring together various government institutions with the aim of addressing challenges that entrepreneurs face in their day today activities.

She said apart from solving challenges facing entrepreneurs TBS also used the opportunity to provide important information to SMEs particularly that stressing the need to register and certify their goods.

Ms. Haule said entrepreneurs are required to register and certify their goods free of charge because all the costs are being footed by the government.

She said to do this entrepreneur are required to have an introductory letter from the small Industries Development Organization (SIDO) for the process to initiate.

She said certifying goods is a fundamental step that will help entrepreneurs avoid business impediments especially when penetrating the East African markets where goods are not required to be inspected once done in the country of origin.

“Without certification and the quality mark of standards, entrepreneurs may face business hurdles particularly at cross border and also fail to compete in the regional markets,” she added

Ms. Haule also urged business people to abide to legal requirement of registering food and cosmetic premises with the intention of protecting consumers’ health from using toxic and expiry goods.

She said consumers should check important information provided in the product before buying including date of manufacture and expiry to avoid contaminating food borne diseases.