TBS use farmers exhibitions to educate entrepreneurs on standards

Posted On: Aug, 16 2022
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Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has said the just ended farmers’ exhibition was an important platform in providing education to entrepreneurs on the need to observe quality standards on locally made products.
This was said by the TBS Southern Zone Manager, Amina Yasin during the farmers' fair held at Ngongo grounds in Lindi Region.
She said during this year’s farmers’ event, TBS used the opportunity to address various challenges that entrepreneurs face.
“We provided education to visitors during the Nanenane exhibitions held at Ngongo grounds on quality standards and various procedures needed to certify goods,” she said.
She said most of the visitors who benefitted from TBS education on quality standards were small scale manufacturers who were informed on how to obtain quality standards mark.
“We insisted on the need for entrepreneurs to observe quality standards in producing goods,” she said adding, that for entrepreneurs who are already recognised by the Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO), the process can start immediately.
Ms Yasin said one of the challenges that entrepreneurs face was the lack of capital thus failing to expand and formalise their businesses.
“They lack sufficient capital to grow and run their businesses in official premises, formal places for manufacturing activities instead most of them conduct their economic activities at home,” she said.
To address these challenges, she said TBS advised entrepreneurs to form groups that can enable them to hire a building for conducting manufacturing and business activities.
She said TBS provides certification services for their products free of charge and what is required for them is to have an introductory letter from SIDO. Then TBS conducts inspection and when they meet the required standards are granted quality certification.
She said one of the benefits of certifying entrepreneurs’ goods is that they can easily compete and penetrate wide markets both domestic and regional. When entrepreneurs' products have a TBS quality mark, can avoid unnecessary impediments at cross border trade.
For consumers, goods certification gives them confidence that they have met the required quality standards and that they are safe and healthy.
During the farmers’ exhibitions, she said TBS provided education to various groups of people including entrepreneurs, students, farmers and the general public on the need to buy certified goods with TBS quality mark as a way to fight low quality goods in the country.