Food Risk Assessment

Food Risk Assessment involves evaluation of the hazards associated with food or food ingredients and assessment of potential risk to the population in order to provide scientific evidence that will facilitate formulation of appropriate risk management actions and risk communication messages intended to assure food safety and protecting public health. Food risk assessment therefore forms the scientific basis and key component for effective and efficient food safety control within the Bureau.

The specific activities undertaken include;

(i)Monitor chemical, microbial and physical hazards in non pre-packaged and pre-packaged food;

(ii)Assess dietary exposure to food contaminants and ascertain the likelihood and magnitude of the resulting risks to consumers;

(iii)Advise on matters related to risk management in food in order to ensure safety and protect public health;

(iv)Surveillance of food borne diseases;

(v)Create public awareness on food safety risks and mitigation measures; and

(vi)Develop, update and review procedures and manuals for food risk assessment.