Public Education

The education that is given to the general public is aimed at increasing awareness on TBS services such as standardization, calibration, product registration, certification and training.

The education also aims at sensitizing the final consumers on the importance and benefits of consuming quality products and to stimulate Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (MSMEs) and other manufacturers in the country to see the need of producing quality products.

Community awareness campaign

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has embarked on a special programme aimed at creating awareness in higher learning institutions and among primary school students, secondary school students and the general public at district level in the country.

Community radio

TBS continues sponsoring programmes and daily public awareness advertisements on identified community radios to remind the public to use TBS certified products. The Bureau also regularly organizes interviews on issues concerning TBS activities.

Print and electronic media

The Bureau utilizes print and electronic media, i.e. newspapers, magazines, televisions and radio stations to inform or remind the public on various issues. The Bureau produces advertisements and documentaries to be aired and arranges its technical staff for appearance on different media platforms in special programmes.

Social media

The Bureau utilizes social media platforms to ensure it reaches its clients and the general public for various information through WhatsApp, Twitter (TBS_Tanzania), Instagram (tbs_ viwango), online TV ( TBS Viwango TV) and blogs.

Events and exhibitions

TBS participates in various exhibitions and events and during the exhibitions/events TBS uses the opportunity to create awareness among entrepreneurs and visitors on standardization and quality assurance issues, also reminding consumers on the importance of purchasing certified products.

Seminars and conferences

The Bureau conducting various seminars and conferences pertaining its activities to its stakeholders such as importers, SMEs, special visitors, clearing agents, Government officials, Members of Parliament, Media editors' and reporters and other institutions on familiarization about TBS activities.

All seminars arranged and provided by TBS to its stakeholders are free of charge.